Our Products

Countless products made from wood, but also in combinations of wood and steel or stainless steel are crafted in our workshop. Our handmade drums (Conga, Taiko, Buk, Bocu), which we craft under our house label of Munz & Simonsen satisfy the highest demands on quality and aesthetics. In our Handle Manufactory we develop up-market handles for doors, windows, and furniture. We also design and craft beautiful living accessories and useful things - as well as individualized furniture and interior decoration. You will soon find our range of products in our Online-Shop as well, which we will open in the near future on this site.

About Us & Our Craft

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Simplicity & Genuineness

We consider it important that the items that surround us and that we live with are beautiful and well-made. They should be durable and retain their value even after a long amount of time has passed. We strive to create products that show genuineness and wholesomeness.

This is reflected in the simplicity of their form and function, as well as in the natural feel of the materials used to craft them. And last but not least, this also includes the environmentally friendly processing of the crafting materials.

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The love of wood

Kai Simonsen is a wood technician as well as a certified carpenter and wood turner. He started his personal journey as a craftsman after first studying psychology. In 1991, he opened his first workshop in Süttorf, and in 2003, he moved the business to Uelzen. In his small but exquisite manufactory, he has since then been realizing timeless pieces of beauty in wood that appear archaic and modern at the same time. He shares his passion for wood as a material as well as his crafting skills with others in his countless courses about drum building.

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Munz &


Inspiring Cooperation

Kai Simonsen and Gerhard Munz have worked together as friends for more than three decades. The fusion of their areas of expertise, wood and steel, symbolized in the logo through tree and anvil, led to an entire line of well-designed products, such as the drums and the award-winning door handles. In 1989, they organized their first joint drum building workshop.

Gerhard Munz passed away in August 2011. Ever since then, Kai Simonsen has continued to developed new products on his own.